Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Momma Mia!

A new foster girl arrived on the 10th...she's gotta be one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. Please check back for more on this amazing girl.

Here's a link to her official adoption listing.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bonnie was adopted!

Bonnie is off to her forever home. She's got 5 acres to run, play, and chase squirrels on now, so it's a great day for her!  For me, it's kinda bittersweet...she's one of the sweetest dogs ever, and she will be missed for a long time!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Trip to the vet

Today, Bonnie went to see the vet to get her microchip, get her stitches checked (from being fixed), and because she had a little bit of an upset stomach. She has no parasites and just has a little bacteria causing her stomach issues. She has some medicine to take for a few days, and she'll be fine.

She weighs only 47lbs, but she'll gain weight fast! She's getting lots of food, water, and attention.

She's a great passenger in my truck, too. Just lays down behind the seat and stays there waiting to see where we're going to stop.

Meet & Greet

Bonnie was a big hit at the Meet & Greet this weekend. Lots of attention and love was coming her way the whole time. She was great with every kid, dog, adult, and everyone and everything in between! A few people are very interested in her, so I bet she finds her forever home really quickly.

Bonnie is here!

Bonnie arrived on Saturday, March 20. She's a very sweet girl that needs to put on some weight, but is otherwise pretty healthy! She has tested negative for heartworms, which is a nice surprise!

So far, we can tell that someone has given her some training. She knows how to sit, shake, and stay. Also, she walks well on a leash.

Check back soon for more on Bonnie!